Anand Battery Industries


Our mission is to be a leader in the power storage category across the digital, automotive and inverter segments. With our focus set on a dynamic future for the company,we have initiated backward integration and develop Lead Acid batteries, Conventional batteries, Tubular and VRLA batteries along with UPS systems of various designs in order to become a complete power house of storage energy solutions.

Quality Policy

When it comes to quality, we do not cut corners. Our pledge of quality enables us to make products that not only offers customer satisfaction; but ensure customer delight in every aspects of service.
We achieve this by several time-tested means,including:

  • Total Quality Management

  • Zero Loss Of Man Days

  • Technology Management

  • Recycling & Process Management

  • Waste Management

Environment Policy

We are committed to conserving our natural resources by minimizing waste generation, promoting recovery, recycling and reuse in every step of the manufacturing and distribution processes. A team of dedicated experts are constantly innovating with fresh ideas for eco-clean and environment-friendly products.We take pride in stringently adhering to environmental rules and regulations for a better tomorrow. When it comes to saving our natural environment, we go the extra mile by creating awareness among employees, customers, contractors and our suppliers